Reservation Guidelines

Course Duration Price Reservation Fee Reservation Cancellation Refundment
Before 2 days Before 1 day Appointed day
NarinJae 1 hour 88,000 30,000 Full Refundment 50% Refundment No Refundment
SugeumJae 2 hours 165,000 60,000
YunGa-MyungGa 3 hours 330,000 120,000

* Room Usage
Additional Charges will be added to the Total Bill after Room Usage Mark.

Menu Price Surijae / Narinjae (6 persons) Sugeumjae (12 persons)
110,000 0% 0%
88,000 0% 0%
30,000 10% 20%

* Our restaurant operates on a reservation basis. We would appreciate it if reservations are
 at least a day earlier in order for us to serve you with the best service.
* Reservations can be made by either phone call or restaurant visits.

* Failure to deposit the Reservation Fee before the Reserved Date will enable automatic cancellation.
* Please inform us in case the name of the person making the Deposit and Reservation is different.

Allergen Information
▶The health and safety of our guests are always top priorities.
 In order for YunGa-MyungGa to help our guests with food allergies,
 please let us know any allergy facts of our guests so that we can make informed food preparations.
▶In case there is an addition of a reservation member, please let us know so that we can make course preparations.

We hope you understand and abide by the necessary reservation measures.
▶ Full Refund on reservation cancellations 2 days before date.
▶ 50% refund on reservation cancellations a day before date.
▶ Cancellation on the reserved day will NOT be refunded.
▶ refundment will be deposited with the remittance charge being dealt with.